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Accelerating Compute where and when you need it the most.

Imagine reducing 130 Servers to Just 2!

That’s exactly what we did for one of our customers.

Cloud Costs are Rising. Pipelines need to run faster to minimize your cloud spend. Way faster.

That’s why CortexOne was born. CortexOne is the next-generation hyper-scale data processing platform that offers unparalleled data processing capabilities to its users. Our mission is to revolutionize big-data processing and associated costs, particularly in light of the skyrocketing cloud expenses and the pressing need for organizations to cut down on costs. With CortexOne, we aim to deliver unparalleled computing power, enhanced efficiency, and unmatched cost-effectiveness to our esteemed clients.

Host your own Language Models and Chatbot

With a single end-point, your language models are not only hosted but have the ability to be hyper accelerated.

Use Your Traditional Functions

A single end-point is all you need to do drop in replacements to your pipelines. We support Python, LUA, WASM

Accelerate Data Processing

A high-speed decentralized peer-to-peer database is embedded in every node to capitalize on data locality and high speed transformations.

Accelerate Complex Functions with XPUs

We know there is that one hotspot in your data pipeline you wish would go-away. We want to show you how we can fix that one thing utilizing our acceleration as a service platform. 

Imagine leveraging the untapped power of your idle laptops 

At its core, CortexOne is a peer-to-peer Distributed Function as a Service Platform. Which means the execution of functions can be shared with any device on your network with CortexOne installed.

What is CortexOne?

CortexOne offers a highly scalable, flexible, and powerful data processing platform that can handle even the most demanding data processing workloads. Its decentralized peer to peer features combined with hardware acceleration capabilities make it an ideal choice for organizations looking to reduce cloud costs significantly by hyper-accelerating specific data processing pipelines and reduce costs.


A tsunami of Alternative Compute Devices are Coming. 

With a CAGAR of 37.9%,from 2023 to 2030, the alternative compute market is  expected to explode to USD $155.9B by 2030. (This does not include the markets for both GPU and FPGA’s)

Digital Cortex is the premiere platform that converges the most compelling accelerator technologies into a simple single platform so you can run faster and spend less.

  • Drastically reduce Cloud Spend with the Next Generation Decentralized Data Processing platform.
  • Peer to Peer Distributed Database
  • Peer to Peer Distributed Functions as a Service (FaaS)
  • Peer to Peer Distributed Hardware Accelerated Functions as a Service (AxaaS)
  • Support for (Python, Lua, Wasm, and bare metal coding)
  • Embedded Workflow Design GUI and Execution Engine
  • Single End-Point

No Risk – Acceleration as a Service offer

Every data pipeline has a few “hot spots” that cause 90% of the problems. We find them and show you how to remove them in ways that are implementable by mere mortals in short time frames.

This is why we do what we do.

For a large financial management company (About $1 Trillion AUM), we found the pain point and optimized it. We took 130 servers and reduced it to 2! We brought 7 days of processing down to an overnight process saving over $16,000 in cloud fees for each batch job.

“Digital Cortex will be a leader in ‘real-time processing,’ providing businesses with the future data processing tools that will give them an incredible competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

– Ross Mason, Co-Founder, Auora Forge

“CortexOne is an inflection point in data processing. It will enable a paradigm shift by simplifying the hyperscaling of complex data processing.”

– Charlie Wardell, CEO Digital Cortex, Inc.

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