Plans for hyperscale data processing platform advance with financing

ATLANTA, April 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Aurora Forge and Digital Cortex Inc. have announced seed round financing to build a hyperscale data processing platform. Digital Cortex was designed to take advantage of trends in processing technologies, computational storage, smart components, GPUs, and a new breed of data processing units (DPUs) capable of executing tasks at hyperscale.

“Our platform marks an inflection point in data processing,” said Charlie Wardell, CEO, and Co-Founder at Digital Cortex Inc. “It will enable a paradigm shift by simplifying the hyperscaling of complex data processing.”

Ross Mason, Co-Founder and CEO of The Aurora Forge says the investment is well worth it. “Digital Cortex will be a leader in ‘real-time processing,’ providing businesses with the future data processing tools that will give them an incredible competitive advantage in the marketplace. My Silicon Valley mentor, also an early investor in Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, said of Wardell… ‘He is the brightest programmer I have met since Steve Wozniak.'”

As technology rapidly evolves, so does the need for faster, more efficient data processing methods. The Central Processing Unit (CPU) has been the workhorse behind digital endeavors, but today’s computation and data volumes challenge even the fastest CPUs. The modern world is increasingly becoming one where data reigns supreme.

Data processing has evolved from serial computation and sequential storage to parallel computing with large pipelines and vast amounts of memory. Today, there are options for accelerating computation, graphics processing units, FPGAs, ASICs, and DPUs designed specifically for data processing. Digital Cortex aims to converge these advanced technologies into a single unified platform, creating an ecosystem that simplifies the hyperscaling of complex data processing.

Ricky Caplin, Co-Founder of The Aurora Forge, said there is significant need for this new platform. “I am excited about investing in Digital Cortex and working with this talented team. Their background and track record are impressive. Together, we are creating innovative, disruptive technology.”

About Digital Cortex

Digital Cortex Inc. is a hyperscale data analysis company based in Atlanta. We are focused on solving, once and for all, the scalability that keeps meaningful insights hidden in large data sets.

The Digital Cortex platform is a data appliance with built-in acceleration. It handles the undifferentiated heavy lifting so that you can focus on logic, analysis, and results. Our company is designed to bring the power of the Cloud to those use cases that cannot tolerate outage, latency, or uncapped expense. For more information, please visit

About The Aurora Forge

Founded by experienced entrepreneurs, engineers, policymakers, and healthcare industry leaders, The Aurora Forge grows seed-stage startups through direct funding, expert coaching and shared operations services. Visit for more information.

SOURCE Caplin Family Offices/The Aurora Forge