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Our mission is to build the next generation of compute.

Enter the Age of XPUs

The “X” in “XPU” stands for any compute architecture that best fits the need of your application. xPUs are specialized processing units that are designed and optimized to handle specific workloads such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and high-performance computing. XPUs are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to accelerate specific workloads and offer improved performance over traditional CPUs.

You can’t help but see how the GPU is radically changing the landscape of Artificial Intelligence. But there are many other xPUs coming to life that can offer incredible processing speeds for specific tasks. 

By offloading task specific processing from the host computer’s CPU, we are able to free up the CPU to do other things. Data is growing at incredible rates and data processing needs are growing along with it. The future of compute will be one by which we optimize pipelines by running tasks on devices specifically designed for it. Digital Cortex is looking to offer a platform that makes it easy to ensure that the right tasks runs on the right device.



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Q1 2022




Q2, 2023

Our Team

Charlie Wardell

CEO / Co-Founder

Chris Esworthy

CRO / Co-Founder

Satendra Kumar

Director of Engineering

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Amber Wardell, PhD.

Co-Founder / Advisor